Our personality is a set of characteristics revealed in a particular pattern of behavior throughout a variety of situations in our lives; starting from the playground as children, through school, college and onwards to our adult life as independent functioning people in our society. As such, our unique personality plays a crucial role in our personal, interpersonal, social, and professional lives.

The most widely-used model for assessing an individual’s personality today is the Five Factor Model (a.k.a. The Big Five personality traits). It has been studied over decades across many cultures by different teams of researchers. The predictive power of the Five Factor Model is robust across life domains, especially in the field of job performance. It has higher validity and reliability than most well-known measures of personality (e.g. Myers-Briggs) and is utilized by academia and industry.

The latest research, published in the last decade, has shown that our real personality can be deduced from our online personality by way of our social media profiles. Social networks are completing and even replacing many of our human interactions, and their importance in our lives is growing each year.

We are combining our in-depth knowledge of understanding personality from social media platforms, and the well-established Five Factor Model to produce a simple job analysis for both a curious individual seeking to understand his job skills better and an employer wishing to recruit or improve a task-force.

Our first of its kind job analysis tool is personality-oriented and designed in a way that every person can learn insights to help people better understand themselves. The job analysis we offer is holistic, comprehensive, and scientific, and fuses the links between our unique personality profile and the various models of job performance known today.

After, we give out a professional and personal job analysis aiming to direct not only the types of tasks suitable for each person's unique attributes but also the social environments and organizational cultures that fit a certain individual, which was proven to be equally important in maximizing job performance.