Job seekers

Most employers review candidates' social presence before setting an interview. Majority pass on candidates with reference of alcohol and other inappropriate content. What does your profile look like? Manage your social media reputation and clean up Facebook today!

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College applicants

Colleges review applicants' social media activities. Finding alcohol, profanity or sexual content, in most cases, ensures removal from the list. What does your profile look like?

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Online dating

Before offering a date or confirming a date, users check date's social profile. Wrong images and post will disqualify you as a date. What does your profile say about you?

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Clean Up Facebook

  • Find out if your Facebook reputation is harming you
  • See how your social media reputation compares with others
  • Quickly scan thousand's of posts and photos
  • Get a free text report

"Make sure you run this tool before your college admission office reviews your application"

Common Misconceptions

Making my profile private eliminates the problem

Wrong. This along with name changing only raise suspicions. Transparent users inspire more trust.

I'll create a separate, more professional profile

Wrong. It’s easy to detect, difficult to manage and again, raises suspicions

I'll review my profile myself and remove inappropriate content

Really? An average user has 2,500 items per year. Manual review is an extremely tiresome process, with ample room for human error.

Where We Come In

We won't miss anything

Our technology reviews all of your social content including images and text. We won't miss any post, comment, like or share.

We deliver the most accurate results

We use advanced machine learning and computer vision algorithms to detect items that might harm your reputation

We know what to look for

Working closely with recruiters, employers and HR professionals, we carefully studied what is most important and we deliver an itemized report with priorities and classifications.

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