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41% of users have 10 or more potentially reputation damaging posts/images on their social media profiles
Over 93% of recruiters and employers review candidates' social media profile before setting an interview
Over 30% of candidates are disqualified because of inappropriate content found on their accounts

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Cleve Adams
Chief Executive Officer of AirPatrol

"As a manager of a few of the most widely recognized enterprise security products teams of the millennium, I have had the unique opportunity to meet hundreds of highly talented candidates over the years. Today more than ever, I value our finding the ultimate best talent to lead AirPatrol's products into the future, which includes maintaining a professional profile throughout the community and online."
Gil Keret
CEO and Co-Founder of Brooks-Keret Financial Management Ltd

"In the last 20 years, I've built Brooks-Keret into a leading firm in the Israeli financial services sector. I've hired dozens of outstanding candidates and interviewed hundreds more. In the financial sector, your online reputation is critical. When leading U.S. and Israeli startups and multinational corporations engage our company, they expect us to help them find some of the most experienced, reputable accounting professionals or interim CFOs to advise and manage financial operations."
Lior Netzer
VP & GM, Emerging Mobile Business Unit

"Akamai is developing cutting-edge new mobile products, and we keep an ear to the ground to find and retain the right people to invent and build the next leading mobile technologies. We naturally have high expectations for professionalism and historical performance when it comes to finding employees to lead the future of the team and company."
Moshe Raab
Vp, Research and Development of Skybox Security

"At Skybox Security, the R&D team is tasked with driving innovation and provides market-leading cyber-security solutions. When I look for new leaders of change to join our team, I am fortunate enough to meet people from all different backgrounds who seek to drive change. I always expect that a candidate's online persona will resemble their offline persona"
Koby Menachemi
Founder and Ceo of Crossrider Plc

"To create the next generation digital ad platform, we proactively seek out the best and brightest. We look for candidates that not only standout but also have strong ability to execute and a positive reputation."
Eliav Levi
Chief Technologist, Enterprise Security Products of HP

"When I look to bring a new team member on board, I always Google them and check out their Facebook profile and Twitter feed to see if they exhibit a reasonable amount of discretion online."

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With the ability to authenticate your personal social media profiles, Rep'nUp gives you discrete insights on your social media standing relative to industry peers.


Manage your social media profile by hiding, deleting or publishing suggested content that will help you to achieve your most relevant reflection.


Automatically monitor your social media profiles and receive confidential real-time email alerts anytime we notice new reputation-damaging content published on any of your online profiles or in search results

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