What your social media says about you?

Rep’nUp helps job seekers find the right job. Our first of a kind Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram cleanup tool helps detect problematic images or posts. And that's just for starters. You can also use our employment profiling solution to help match your personality traits to your best career opportunities.

The science behind

Our personality is determined from a young age, and directs different styles of behavior throughout our lives in a variety of situation, starting from the playground as children, through school and college and onwards to our adult life as independent functioning people. As such, our personality plays a crucial role in our personal, interpersonal, social, and professional lives.

The biggest, most reliable and valid model for assessing an individual’s personality today is the Big-5 model. It has been studied over decades and across cultures by different sets of researchers. The predictive power of the Big-5 model is robust across life domains and especially in the field of job performance. It has higher validity and reliability than most well-known measures of personality (e.g. Mayers-Briggs) and it is being used all over the world both in academy and industry.

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